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Mpow Streambot One Bluetooth 4.0 Car Kit /Audio Music Receiver For Car Stereo..

  • $ 3294
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Mpow Streambot One Bluetooth 4.0 Car Kit /Audio Music Receiver for Car Stereo Supports ,w/ Noise Isolator, Dual Port USB Car Charger and Magnetic Base

Product Details

Brand: Mpow

  • Shipping Weight: 4.8 ounces
  • Noise isolator included: In most cases, the sound quality is excellent. But, if you are bothered by the buzzing noise, you can use the noise isolator to avoid it.
  • Upgrated stablity with larger adhesive pad, and softer indicator light provides better driving experience.
  • Answer phone calls and voice activations from Bluetooth-enabled phones while on the go. Just a single press.
  • Automatically connect to the last connected phone and begin to work in sync when starting the car. And connect up to two Bluetooth capable devices simultaneously.
  • Enjoy your favorite music from phone/tablet: Stream audio through 3.5mm input in car stereo, such as music, GPS voice navigation, and podcast.

Product Description:

Mpow Streambot One Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit is a highly cost-effective wireless stereo audio receiver. Not only you can enjoy the music from your mobile phone without the cable, when the call comes, but you can also short press the middle button and answer the call while driving, or long press the button to refuse it. It keeps you adhere the traffic regulations even if someone calls you when you are driving.


Mpow is the ONLY seller in amazon who sells bluetooth receiver with bundling Ground Loop Noise Isolator, which helps decrease the buzzing noise some cars make while playing music, thus giving you the best music experience ! Music or call switching, easy and relaxing. Allows you to talk hands-free on your Bluetooth-enabled phone. Music player controls - Play, Pause, Previous song, Next song; Talking controls: Answer and reject calls, private call is available. Auto-connect with last paired device. Can also be used as a Bluetooth receiver to enable ordinary loudspeakers with Bluetooth functionality.(Powered via USB port) Automatically calls back the last outgoing call when the control button is quickly pressed twice.

How to use:

1. Fix the receiver on the best position of the car. 2. Connect the receiver to the Aux-in jack of the car stereo system. 3. Connect the receiver to the car charger. 4. Plug the car charger into the cigarette socket. 5. Pair the receiver to your smart device. 6. Adjust the car radio to Aux in mode. 7. Now you can enjoy your music through the car stereo system.

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