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Giggle Chips Stem Toys + Games Abc Computer Science Game Cards

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Giggle Chips STEM Toys + Games ABC Computer Science Game Cards

Product Details

  • Inspire your child's curiosity to learn computer & coding literacy with our fun stem learning cards
  • Giggle chips ABC computer science game cards the set of 31 cards include multiple features
  • Such as A-Z letters of the alphabet with computer science words and definitions, a fun and easy way
  • For children to learn colors and shapes, a tangram cut-out card, a color matching memory game
  • Numbers/binary matching memory game and binary magic card

Toy by toy, game by game, Giggle Chips STEM Toys and Gamesis disrupting the way children learn STEM. Inspire your child's curiosity tolearn computer and coding literacy with our fun STEM learning cards! GiggleChips ABC computer science game cards is a set of 31 cards that includesmultiple game features such as: 1. A-Z letters of the alphabet with computerscience words and definitions 2. a fun and easy to learn colors, shapes,numbers and binary numbers 3. a tangram card 4. a color matching memory game5. a binary numbers matching memory game and 6. a binary magic card! From theManufacturer Engage kids in learning STEM with our game cards! The currentstatistics for STEM education show there are job opportunities unfilled. Nineout of ten parents want their children to learn STEM, but only 1 out of 4schools teach it. Help your child learn foundational skills in STEM whilehaving fun! Designed by Innovators Our team has experience in science, coding,engineering, design, math, social media and storytelling. We are breaking thetechnological divide by providing tools that kids need to understand thebasics of STEM in a fun way! Flashcards with Terms Engage your child withactive recall in a fun way. Quiz each other with the twenty-six terms anddefinitions. Binary Magic Card Every child loves magic tricks! Let them tricktheir friends with this easy to use binary magic card. Definitions An easy wayfor your child to learn terms. Toy by toy, game by game, Giggle Chips STEMToys and Games is disrupting the way children learn STEM. We are passionateabout equalizing the opportunities for both boys and girls in STEMfields/careers. About the Startup Describe your product in 3 words. STEM isMagical! How did you come up with the idea for this product? Jennifer, our co-founder, was frustrated with the lack of STEM learning tools available for herson and daughter. Giggle Chips ABC Computer Science Game Cards were created toteach Jennifer’s daughter, Charlotte, STEM and computer literacy in a fun way.The idea was born when they both started drawing computer circuit charactersthat they named the Giggle Chips. Their vision was to create a game that bothparents and children can play together as a family while learning STEMconcepts. What makes your product special? Giggle Chips ABC computer sciencegame cards are a delightful set of cards that cleverly integrates basiccomputer science and high tech terminology with interesting binary numbers,shapes and memory games. With a myriad of levels of playing and learningactivities, Giggle Chips makes it very easy for young children and parents tolearn while having fun. What has been the best part of your startupexperience? The best part of our startup experience has been watching ourideas and doodles being built into products. The creative process from idea toreality has been extremely rewarding. The idea was literally created withJennifer doodling ideas with her daughter, Charlotte, on a restaurant napkin.We now have an all-star team that wants to fill the gaps in STEM educationwith our physical and digital games and toys!


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