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Vtech Switch & Go Dinos - Sliver The T-Rex Dinosaur

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VTech Switch & Go Dinos - Sliver the T-Rex Dinosaur

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 3.3 x 7.9 x 4.1 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 10.4 ounces
  • Item model number: 80-122100
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 36 months - 8 years
  • Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required. (included)
  • 2-in-1 toy easily transforms from a dino to a vehicle and back again
  • Features over 50 wild sound effects and phrases
  • LCD screen plays cool dinosaur and driver animations
  • Talk button plays fun phrases and dino facts
  • Realistic sounds and cool graphics

You can run, but you can't hide from Sliver the T-Rex! Amember of the VTech Switch & Go Dinos crew, Sliver is a 2-in-1 toy that easilytransforms from a speedy race car to a T-Rex and back again in just a fewsimple steps. For added excitement, this fierce dino has a 1.5" LCD screenthat comes to life with the push of a button and features cool driver and dinoeyes animations. Simply push one of the buttons to customize your driver ordino eyes or push the other buttons to trigger realistic sound effects andphrases that teach interesting dino facts.Recommended Ages:3 – 8 Get ready to embark on a "dino-mite" adventure with the Switch & Go Dinos byVTech. Boys ages 3 through 8 will love playing with Sliver, a bright greenT-Rex with a hunger for speed. Each Dino can be switched from dinosaur tovehicle and back again in just a few easy steps. Listen to Sliver's manysounds and phrases with the press of a button. You can even choose howSliver's eyes will look in dino mode and who the driver will be in vehiclemode. Whatever form he's in, no one stands a chance against the king of thedinosaurs. Sliver the T-Rex At a Glance: Switch from dino to vehicle-mode in afew easy stepsPlays more than 50 sounds and phrasesCustomize Sliver's eyes indino-mode and driver in vehicle-modeCollect all of the Switch & Go Dinos crew(each toy sold separately) Age Requirements:3-8 yearsAssembly Requirements:2AAA batteries (included)Warranty:Limited 1-year warranty against defects inmaterial and workmanship. Children can easily switch Sliver from a fierceT-Rex into a speedy-lookingrace car. View larger. Sliver makes stomping soundsin dino-mode, and racing sounds in vehicle-mode. View larger. Meet Sliver, theT-RexSliver is his name and eating is his game. This bright green T-Rex has abig, powerful tail, strong jaws, and sharp teeth. It's no wonder he's known asthe "king of the tyrant lizards." Sliver is an expert hunter and can outrunhis prey and the competition with his large back legs. This Switch & Go Dinois ready to play--just try to keep up! Easily Switch from Dinosaur to VehicleModeChildren ages 3 through 8 will enjoy playing with Sliver in both dino andvehicle mode. In a few easy steps, boys can switch Sliver from a fierce T-Rexinto a speedy-looking race car. For more exciting action, choose from theother VTech Switch & Go Dinos crew members and find a friend for Sliver. Thereis T-Don the red Pteranodon, Horns the blue Triceratops, and Tonn the yellowStegosaurus. (Each toy sold separately.) More Than 50 Sounds and PhrasesPressone of the two buttons to hear Sliver make awesome stomping sounds when he'sin dino mode, or racing sounds when he's in vehicle mode. Press the secondbutton to hear him talk, and Sliver will tell you all about his wild life as aT-Rex. With more than 50 unique sounds and phrases, Sliver will keep youguessing at what he will say next. Flashy and Customizable FeaturesSliversports personalized designs on his wide nose and can turn his massive tailinto an awesome-looking spoiler for his car. By pressing the style button indino mode, children can choose which pair of dinosaur eyes Sliver will show onhis LCD screen. You can also choose Sliver's driver when he's in vehicle modeby pressing the same button. This product is backed by a manufacturer'slimited one-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship. What'sin the BoxVTech Switch & Go Dinos - Sliver the T-Rex, 2 AAA batteries, andinstruction booklet. T-Don the Pteranodon Tonn the Stegosaurus Sliver theT-Rex Horns the Triceratops Trademark Information:VTech®.Switch & GoDinos™Horns the Triceratops™, Tonn the Stegosaurus™, T-Don the Pteranodon™,and Sliver the T-Rex™ are all trademarks of VTech. VTech is a registeredtrademark of VTech. See all


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