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2Pk-8"-32T -- Brush & Brambles Specialty -- Renegade Blade - Carbide Brush Cu..

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2pk-8"-32t -- Brush & Brambles Specialty -- RENEGADE BLADE - Carbide Brush Cutter weed eater Blades, 203mm diameter

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  • Pack of {2} -- 8"-32 teeth -- Brush & Brambles Specialty - Carbide Tipped Trimmer Brush cutter Blades by RENEGADE BLADES
  • UNIVERSAL FIT -- each blade comes with a "REDUCER WASHER" allowing blades to fit either 1" (25.4mm) or 20mm Arbor Hole sizing with your "Blade Hardware". You can measure "Washer" thickness with a Caliper, the Washer is the exact thickness of the blade and will even smash somewhat when firmly tightened.
  • BLADE HARDWARE: A Blade will not fit onto the Trimmer Axel Shaft by itself like the String Line Dispenser Spool will. So you must acquire "Blade Hardware" that consists typically of two small discs; one has a raised circle on it that the blade hole fits onto, the 2nd small disc is the cap disc, then screw on the Nut and apply a Cotter Pin. Sorry, we DO NOT supply blade hardware.
  • We Offer TWO SPECIALTY type Brush Blades: ...... (1)--- MULTI-USE BLADES: Our 80, 100 & 120 teeth blades are handy for ANY job such as: Pruning, Hedging, large Limb cutting as well as for Brush & Brambles. MORE teeth means more aggregate cutting surface (more carbide) and therefore less seizing in limbs and less tearing and ripping when hedging (best at high rpm's)...... (2)--- BRUSH & BRAMBLES specialized BLADES: Our 32, 36 & 40 teeth blades are more tailored for Brush & Brambles due to deeper teeth cavities. LESS teeth are required to create deeper wider teeth cavities, that can grab & cut more brush material per blade spin (best at alternating rpm's). NOTE: Both blade types will cut all garden material but tend to be a tad better within their respective SPECIALTY.

UNIVERSAL FIT : Our "RENEGADE" blade will fit any Garden Trimmer, BrushCutter, Weed Eater that takes a 1" = 25.4mm or also 20mm arbor with ourincluded Reducer Washer. Our blade is built for any RPM even super high RPMTrimmers (10,000+ rpm). Manufactured with a more flexible steel as compared tothe much more brittle steel found with table saw blades (table saw blades canshatter if they hit an obstacle, plus they are only built for approx. 3,450rpm so they should never be used with Gasoline powered Garden Trimmers). Thecarbide tips are welded-brazed on and will not come off.--- NOTE: sorry, butwe have NO answers regarding your particular Trimmer/brush cutter. It is up toyou to determine whether: (1) a Blade can even be attached to your Trimmer.(2) what blade attachment hardware is available for your Trimmer such as:fittings, blade guards, or attachments. (3) The arbor size it takes; this isthe hole in the middle of the blade, sizes we offer are mentioned above andare the most standard in the industry. (4) The "RENEGADE BLADE" from"Carbidebrushcutterblades" will outperform competitor blades with ourProprietary Carbide. RENEGADE BLADE is the ONLY Carbide Brush Blade BRAND onAmazon that has a {REPORT} from the foremost Testing Laboratory: UL, LLC.

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