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Best Exercise Foam Roller: Physiophit High Density Extra Firm Foam Roller Wit..

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Best Exercise Foam Roller: PhysioPhit High Density, Extra Firm Foam Roller with Trigger Points for Deep Tissue Muscle Massage

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Color: Blue
Brand: PhysioPhit

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  • FASTER RECOVERY FROM STRENUOUS WORKOUTS: Perfect for CrossFit, Pilates, or Spartan athletes! Our muscle foam roller with trigger points stimulates circulation and gives a deep massage to exhausted, strained muscles. Also ideal for balance when doing core and ab exercises.
  • PROMOTES INJURY HEALING: Perfect for physical therapy, recommended by many physical therapists. Delivers oxygen and blood flow to muscles to promote faster healing.
  • DELIVERS RELIEF FROM TIGHT, SORE MUSCLES: Deep tissue massage for your whole body. With its unique textured surface, our extra firm foam roller delivers targeted relief to aching muscles.
  • LONG LASTING: Our durable, high density foam roller won't wear out or lose its shape over time the way others can. Its raised notches and heavy duty construction set it apart from ordinary rollers.
  • USE IT ANYWHERE: At home, at the gym, or on the road. Size (14 x 5 inches) is perfect for travel - just throw in your gym bag or suitcase and enjoy its healing benefits anytime, anywhere!