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Haslra Toe Socks Various Types 2-3 Pairs Msot016_Charcoal Large Haslra

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Haslra Toe Socks Various types 2-3 Pairs

Product Details

Size: Large
Brand: Haslra

  • [MSOT014~MSOT020, MSOT034] 90%Cotton 5%Polyurethane 3%Span 2%polyester, [MSOT029~MSOT032] 100% Cotton
  • Medium - Men's shoe size (6 - 9), Large - Men's shoe size (9.5 - 11) / Excellent stretch, Spandex for better fit, Superior moisture management
  • [NO SHOW SOCKS - #MSOT014, #MSOT014B] This product is unique for its no-show design, which ensures the socks do not show whether you wear running shoes, boat shoes, or dress shoes. It is most popular among fashionistas. *Difference between #MSOT014 and #MSOT014B : #MSOT014's cuff is larger so it is more well hidden and cannot be seen when wearing shoes.
  • [LOW CUT SOCKS - #MSOT015, #MSOT016ANK, #MSOT020, #MSOT028] It is suitable for ankle socks, exposing your ankle bone, and will be well hidden and unseen when wearing running shoes. *Difference between #MSOT015 and #MSOT016ANK : #MSOT015 has denser texture because contains more cotton so that it can hold your foot more tightly, #MSOT016ANK is a bit loose compared to #MSOT015 so that it feels soft and comfortable.
  • [MINI CREW SOCKS - #MSOT016, #MSOT029, #MSOT031] It is high-cut so that it goes well with both casual and sporty style / [CREW SOCKS - #MSOT017, #MSOT018, #MSOT030, #MSOT032, #MSOT034] Covering your calf, it goes well with casual, sports, and formal.
  • [100%COTTON - #MSOT029, #MSOT030, #MSOT031, #MSOT032] It is 100% cotton so that it is effective to prevent allergy and athlete's foot. It has great absorption and bentilation and soft feeling / [PRESSURE FREE BAND - #MSOT028, #MSOT031, #MSOT032] This is a no pressure band which doesn't leave any band mark on the ankle or calf and it's a characteristic of this band. You can feel very comfortable wearing sensation.