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Insassy (Tm) Dual Led Charging Dock For Xbox One Controllers Insassy

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InSassy (TM) Dual LED Charging Dock for Xbox One Controllers

Product Details

Brand: InSassy

  • Media: Video Game
  • InSassy (TM) Branded Dual Charger for Xbox ONE Controllers
  • Two Controllers can be charged simultaneously
  • One Controller can be fully charged within 2 Hours
  • Two Controlllers can be fully charged within 4 Hours
  • LED Status - RED: Charging, BLUE: Complete

InSassy TM Dual LED Charging Dock


Console Compatibility: XBOX ONE
Weight: 11oz
Cord Configuration: USA Standard Charge Time: 1 Controller full charge - 2 hours; 2 Controller full charge - 4 hours
LED Status: Red-Charging; Blue-Completed
Output: 200 - 500mAh; 5V
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