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Phantom Fit Reflective Ankle Bands - Lifetime Guarantee - Best Reflective Run..

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Phantom Fit Reflective Ankle Bands - Lifetime Guarantee - Best Reflective Running and Working Gear Around

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Size: Reflective Ankle Bands
Brand: Phantom Fit

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  • Stay safe while jogging or doing any outdoor activity at night! These Phantom Fit reflective bands fit securely and are visible up to 1,000 feet. Model PFB102-1681.
  • Easily fastens with durable velcro. These stay in place and won't move around.
  • Forget about those expensive bands with LED lights that need their batteries changed every couple of weeks. Phantom Fit reflective bands reflect well even with a small amount of light.
  • Dual reflective strips means twice the amount of reflection. Not to mention, it's more difficult for drivers to mistake you for anything except for a human!
  • Can also be used on wrists and arms as long as the spot is over 10 inches in circumference.

The Secret Of Staying Safe Without Clunky Battery Operated LED Lights

Jogging can be dangerous. Whether you are wearing dark or light colored clothing, it can be difficult to be seen by motorists. Reflective ankle bands are the perfect solution to be safe and be seen by motorists.

Reflective bands are the best solution because they: - Are visible from over 1,000 feet, even in low-light situations. - Attaches securely and comfortably with strong velcro - Can also be used on your upper wrists or arms in spots greater than 10 inch circumference - Are extremely durable and long-lasting - Are lightweight and portable

What's Included?- 2 Phantom Fit Reflective Ankle Bands

If you buy today, you'll also receive- Nylon carrying case for portability- Our favorite workout music downloadable as a mp3 file

Take advantage today and get our 100% lifetime no-hassle free replacement guarantee. If it breaks, we'll replace it!

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